Foundation Course

Many people who have benefited from Alexander Technique lessons would like to take it further and deepen their Alexander understanding, skills and confidence. The EATS Foundation course provides an ideal opportunity for such self-development.

There are many diverse reasons why you might wish to join the Foundation course: from a desire to enhance performance in music, sport or business; or for developing a greater sense of embodiment and making some fundamental changes in life attitudes and ways of thinking; or simply to find greater ease and enjoyment in going about everyday life. Or perhaps you are considering embarking on full professional training but not yet certain that you want to commit to this?

You will be immersed in a rich Alexander training environment as you will be working alongside the students enrolled for professional training. Furthermore, if you choose to continue with the training at the end of the Foundation course, the time will count towards qualification in exactly the same way that the first term of the full course does.