Here you can meet some of our trainees:

Lydia Cresswell

I had the great fortune of growing up with my mum, an Alexander teacher, so when the school opened, I knew that it was an amazing opportunity. I came from a background of bodywork and education separately. Through the Technique’s ability to bring a learning approach to ourselves as a thinking and feeling body, I can see the fullness it has brought my life. I am excited to share this enriching and positive skill with others!

Jon Lightbourne

Hello I’m Jon – currently fulfilling a long-held dream to train to become an Alexander teacher. I also have a love of engineering, science and Scandinavian design, I am hoping to be selling my hand-made lighting products in the not-too-distant future; my other goals include setting up a small tourist business and of course being an active Alexander teacher. 

Greg Dyke

I write software, dance various partner dances (blues, lindy hop, tango, and more), sing, ski and play flute. I also teach all those things. My (trite but true) purpose in life is to help people become themselves to the fullest. The Alexander Technique’s gentle way of challenging us to change while remaining true to ourselves is the best tool I have found so far. I started training in 2022 and look forward to helping people apply the Technique everywhere: in the workplace, on dance floors, stages and mountain tops.

Elizabeth Stockton

I first came to the Alexander Technique after Theatre training. After years of working with my body in such a strenuous, aggressive and disconnected way, the time spent working with my first teacher had a tremendously positive impact on my health at every level. The change made to my whole life, not just my Double Bass playing and other Performing Arts training, was monumental. I always knew that sooner or later I would embark upon the road of teacher training myself.

Alette Willis

Alette, one of our trainees

I am a Senior Lecturer in the School of Health in Social Science at the University of Edinburgh, where I teach on environmental health. I am a performance storyteller with a focus on storytelling for nature connection. I spent 2 years as Storyteller in Residence for the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland and several years as a Talking Tree for the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh. I have two books published, How to Make a Golem and Terrify People (Floris Books, 2011) and Dancing with Trees: Eco-Tales from the British Isles (History Press, 2017). I hold a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. You can find out more at