About EATS

The Edinburgh Alexander Training School (EATS) provides comprehensive training in the Alexander Technique. We offer Professional training to become a STAT-certified Alexander teacher, and we also offer a Foundation course.

If you undertake the full course you will be trained in all aspects needed to become a competent, confident, thoughtful and considerate Alexander teacher, and you will gain a life-transforming professional qualification. Whichever course you choose, we want to provide the best Alexander training possible – enabling you to deepen your Alexander understanding and skills to enrich your life and find greater resilience, poise and joy. You are likely to enjoy some profound mind-body (physical, mental and emotional) changes during the training as you begin to embody Alexander principles and skills.

You will benefit from working in a small group setting with a highly skilled training team and a low student-to-trainer ratio (usually around 3-to-1 and never more than than 5-to-1). At EATS our ethos is:

Wordle describing EATS culture
  • Supportive: creating an encouraging and affirmative environment for learning through collaborative exploration
  • Enquiring: discussion and critical thinking an essential core of the training, facilitated through the course structure
  • Comprehensive: covering all aspects needed to produce a successful Alexander teacher additional to the core Alexander hands-on skills and understanding – including different learning and teaching styles; setting up a business and marketing skills
  • Fun: exploratory and playful approach to teaching and learning
  • Empowering: within a solid teaching framework, students are encouraged to develop their own understanding, styles and approaches
  • Transformative and life enhancing: ask any Alexander teacher about their training and they’ll tell you what a huge positive impact it has had on their life
  • Collaborative: based on feminist principles of inclusivity, mutual respect and collective, as well as personal, responsibility
  • Diverse: like any good organisation or learning space, EATS thrives on a diversity of individual perspectives and contributions. Applications are encouraged irrespective of people’s gender identity, ethnic or cultural background, (dis)ability, sexual orientation, belief system or age
  • Wide ranging and rich: many different teaching styles and perspectives come from a diverse training team that includes senior visiting teachers from throughout the UK
  • Outward looking: engaging with other disciplines where relevant, for example, neuroscience, myofascial integration, biomechanics and other mindful movement-based practices
  • Principle and evidence based: teaching based on the fundamental principles of the Alexander Technique supported by available research, as well as anatomy and physiology
  • Openness and inquisitiveness: non-mainstream ideas and influences will be explored wherever this can contribute to understanding
  • Rigorous: students will be required to actively engage and commit to their own development (on a practical level this includes projects being completed and any missed time made up); robust assessment methods
  • Professional: In addition to ‘learning by osmosis’ from the professional culture of the course, there will be specific training around codes of conduct, CNHC, running a practice etc. Students are encouraged to think widely about what they can contribute during and after the training – to STAT and to the wider profession of Alexander teaching
  • Continuous and Ongoing: graduates are encouraged to continue to visit the school on a regular basis to gain experience as a teacher until they feel sufficiently established. A mentoring system provides each graduate with an experienced teacher who they can call on for ongoing advice and support.