EATS was established in 2019 and we are now seeing our first graduates of the 3-year teacher training course – we are delighted to welcome them to the Alexander teaching community!

Lydia Cresswell, MSTAT

I graduated from EATS in 2024 and am now setting up my Alexander teaching practice in Sheffield. I originally came from a background of bodywork and education separately. Through the Technique’s ability to bring a learning approach to ourselves as a thinking and feeling body, I can see the fullness it has brought my life. I am excited to share this enriching and positive skill with others!

Eleni Konstantinidou BMus, MSTAT

I graduated from EATS in 2023 and am now teaching individuals and groups in Edinburgh. I am a pianist and music teacher, and I first came across the Alexander Technique in Greece. I was convinced it was the best way to achieve my musical and teaching goals, and I moved to Edinburgh in 2020 to train at EATS. I am particularly excited about how learning the Technique can help overcome expressive limitations, leading to a freer, easier way of performing, being, and connecting with others. 

Cath Roberts, BA, MSTAT

I graduated from EATS in 2022 and am teaching in Aberdeenshire. I first stumbled across the Alexander Technique in 1989 at Art School (GSA) when a fellow student felt compelled to tell me about it (I had my ‘STOP’ word painting on show). She put me in Alexander’s ‘position of mechanical advantage’. I found it intriguing…important and seemed to instantly show up the unnecessary holding I was doing. I was hooked. She also added…’ye know you could teach this’. I never forgot those words but didn’t have the boldness to enrol until many years later. I now realise that, like every other teacher and student of this intelligent, practical, and preventative technique, I am on an Alexander ‘journey’.

An additional six people to date have completed our Foundation course, which provides an opportunity for immersive learning in the Alexander Technique for those who may not want to do the full 3-year training.