Alexander for musicians

The Alexander Technique is taught in leading music colleges and conservatoires and is considered an essential skill by both professional and amateur musicians across the world. You may already have some experience of the Alexander Technique – would you like to deepen this to:

  • Enhance your practice and performance
  • Prevent and manage pain and injuries
  • Address performance anxiety 
  • Sustain yourself in your work and daily life 
Movement work with cello music

Come and visit Edinburgh Alexander Training School (EATS) on 8th June if you’d like to spend a morning with us to find out about what immersive training in the Alexander Technique could do for you. You will be working alongside our trainees so that you can have a real experience of Alexander training. During the morning we will cover areas of particular interest to you in your practice and performance.

Teachers and trainees at Edinburgh Alexander Training School exploring an Alexander Technique skill together

We offer a foundation term and flexible and part-time options for musicians who would love to deepen into their Alexander work as a way of supporting their practice, their performance and everything else that goes into professional music-making.

People engaged in Alexander lying down during Edinburgh Alexander Training School open day

Contact me to find out more or book a place (spaces limited to four people maximum); £40 for the morning; tea/coffee provided. Saturday 8th June, 9.30am to 1.30pm.